Air Ticket Refunds

I booked air tickets using Paytm for my flight on 2nd May. The flight was cancelled due to lockdown.

Initially airline put all money in credit shell. After following up with airline they agreed to refund the amount and send it to Paytm.

After that I receive mail from paytm also confirming ticket is cancelled and refunded. but the refund amount is -1283, which means I did not get any refund at all.

This mean i neither have airline credit nor get any refund. If I send any email to paytm there is reply to first mail that they are looking into it or they have not received refund from airline but when you reply to that mail, they never even send any reply to that response. I escalated even to Nodal officer but even he is not replying.

Can I file the complaint somewhere?
Also write to the Airline asking them for the refund reference number for the transaction,quote that to Paytm Customer care and they will not have any excuse to delay your refund any further.
There is no doubt about the money already refunded by Airline. But no one is even replying to my emails at paytm. There was only one non sense reply and after that no one replies about that issue.
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Suggest to send a query to paytm , airlines by marking a copy to govt regulatory bodies and ministry/ ministers on twitter and email . A DM on twitter may also help.
I lodged the complaint on NCH website and the complaint was closed without me getting any refund. They advised to to approach District Forum. Is there any other way to get the refund?
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In my case airline already refunded the money. In fact as per Paytm, they also refunded the money but the refund amount is -1283.
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