ajitpalsingh's Portfolio

My dad is still holding onto the 2 lot-equivalent he was allotted during TCS IPO.

Bonuses and Dividends hasn't tempted him to sell it!

Having said that, not sure whether it a good idea to hold on further given the uncertainties in the IT sector.
A direct equity holder cannot afford to have this. If you do not have a good idea why you are holding a stock, it is better to sell off and buy a MF where at least the fund manager would have that idea.
I have tried to track my returns through moneycontrol site. I have assumed 01 feb 2017 as my portfolio start date. All my 17 Jan purchases, I have taken the purchase price. For rest of my portfolio, I have taken 01 feb prices.

The return for the last 3 months is 17.3% mainly because of stellar performance by Nilkamal which happens to be my biggest bet. Maruti returns has been good as well. Really dissapointed with Radico Khaitan as I had huge hopes from that stock.
Purchased 50 info edge shares at 845. It is a long term bet. I believe in the next 2 years a lot of startups will try for listing, which can lift its price in the short term. Also, zomato listing when it happens can be a big trigger for the stock. Long term I am very bullish on this company.

Also bought 30 reliance capital at 670. They are selling their non core holdings and their financing business is growing. Also, their mutual fund business is expected to continue its stellar performance.

I will update the portfolio later on in this thread.