Arvind Fashions

I'm holding a few shares from when the listing and demerger happened. And am eligible for the rights issue which is being done at Rs100.

The CMP is Rs178.

I have received the rights credit in my demat, how do you apply now for the rights given covid paper application looks difficult.

Any idea on how to do this through Sbi or Yes Bank Asba process? Sbi is not showing this on the ipo part of their banking system where it typically shows all IPO issues.

I might also consider selling the shares I already hold, and buy the rights shares at the heavily discounted price to pull out some cash while still maintain my number of shares
So while the banks did not still have this issue listed for purchase against ASBA I still managed to apply from Linkintime RWAP. The full amount was debited, however, at least I could apply.
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