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- Finally there are only 15-20 nifty and some 25-30 midcap stocks worth investing...if you have 3-4 large cap MF and 2-3 mid/small cap funds you have covered most of the stocks are covered....
- More funds from different companies---you are "repeating yourself" ...if 2/3 nifty stocks falter ...all funds will be impacted..and viceversa..

- Its like you order "potato" various forms...

- Now you should start direct equity....
- I feel you can never "time" the market so if you have lumpsum invest it rather than SIP...
Alu Gobhi, Alu Matar he he he lol
[potato cauliflower, potato peas]

- You cannot sell the pants you are wearing..meaing self occupied house should never be considered an investment..(the last instrument you would sell/mortgage in case of difficulty)
it means you do not have RE as investment - most tax efficient relaxed appreciation instrument.
Baba, don't have guts to buy another pant ;) I can't sleep with a loan running. Current running rates are too high, without foreign currency earnings via onsite, I dont think indian salary would be sufficient to smoothly cover the EMI with enough remaining for other expenses and investments.

Ancestral house -cmp 100L
- When will you own it ? Will you be able to sell it...etc etc ..
- Tip : Open an HUF based on ancestral home..lot of advantages
Good points to ponder on. Thanks.
Any more information on HUF based on ancestral home ?
Will surely google, but you have anything to share, please do so.

Gold -
ETF 5L+Sentimental Jewelry
Should add atleast 5L here...since sentimental jewelry will never be not an investment..
My experience with ETF is not good, expenses are high, and selling rates are usually not good. And if one takes into account the taxes then its a double whammy. I may try GOI sovereign gold bonds or physical gold coins from mmtc.

Mirae Asset emerging blue chip
--- Definitely NOOOOO....infact Mirae has sold funds to kotak...very weak fund house
Value research was glowing over it ;) he he he
HUF - A big financial topic ..cannot be explained in blog...learn from books/google and then discusss with CA..and then decide to have an entry since exit is rarely possible (before death) ..but has great tax advantages..

RE as an totally misunderstood...RE can start with as low as low 15-20 Lakhs (that too in SIP mode since the installments you pay for under construction projects over a period of 2/3 years) ,,,,RE investment need not start from 50 lakhs etc...imagine big lumpsum profits in lakhs free just in 3 years..and what you just buy and lock it...(efforts for appreciation of price is done by builders in that need to sleep for 3 years)

Sovereign gold bond is better than physical ..only disadvantage is lock in period!!!