Axis Bank


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Hello guys...:)

I am new here...

I bught 10 Axis bank shares @ 988
and another 20 @ 980

Can anybody help me to find the future of this stock :)
Axis bank surely seems to have a future. Good investment.

Try moneycontrol database for all the figures (EPS, PE, and if you are going to hold for a long time, Dividends).

See the BSE website for latests announcements by the company.

Read researches done by companies like HDFC,, and others. They help us in getting info which we might not get by ourselves.

Short term wise, Bank stocks will get a boost on the rate cuts and all the other +ve developments in this sector.


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Is it a good buy at current levels of 965 for 3-6 months ?

EPS has been steadily increasing for last 3 years but PE ratio is 42.9.

EPS'07 - 23
'06 - 17
'05 - 12


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You will get a better price, if you is your decision...

Market as a whole is running downhill and it is a triangle breakout towards downside. Let it hit a bottom or support level.


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Past Analysis


Current Analysis

Elliot Status:

- Wave B in Progress. Wave B is Most complex animal to track and is unpredictable.
- Wave C to open soon.
- Price has rallied for 8 years.
- It should at-least take 3 years for the correction!

Technical view:
- On daily charts 21 EMA above 50 EMA, thus as of now trend is intact.
- Divergence in making for MACD, trend might be at door of getting weak.

Resistance: 1000 @ levels acted resistance in 2008 Nov- Dec, on daily charts.

Stoploss: 900 @round number near 50 EMA

Support : 650 @ 200 MA on daily charts + 600 on Weekly charts!

Trading Style: Position Trading.

Long Entry: Not recommended

Short Entry: Once 21 EMA drops below 50 EMA

Long Exit: Recommended

Short Exit None
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Post Enam announcement, this has gone down, should one buy at this point (1411 right now)?
Neither the Enam deal nor Axis Bank's exposure to microfinance sector will have any significant impact on the long-term prospects of the bank.

Look at the bank's valuations, compare it with other banks and then take a decision.


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This was one of the stock I was looking to enter since hdfc bank is already trading at 52 week high level.

Just buying very small quantity 2-3 shares at a time and so on to pass as legacy.

But now reading the downgrade by Morgan Stanley on basis of loan book of Axis and downfall in those sectors where the loan is being used.

Now confused whether to enter the stock or not?

Also besides HDFC Bank which is the other bank to look for?