Best/Worst Stock Investment Ever?

I was just wondering what has been your best investment ever?

My best investment ever was pure luck.

It was SRF in 2008 (Don't remember the month).

Purchased it at Rs 100 because fundamentally it looked good. It went down to Rs 60 and I lost track. Next time, I had a look was in 2009. It was at Rs 170. I thought that I will sell it when it reaches Rs 250. I again lost track and just sold it a few days back at Rs 422.

That is a profit of 322%. Not to forget, I was also paid a dividend of about Rs 36 per share! :laugh:

But, the only problem, I had 50 shares only!

Wondering, what has been the best investment for other people on this forum!


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I will share my two worst investment/speculation.

Bought Reliance Energy in Jan 2008 @ 2500.

Thought there was an arbitrage as Reliance Power IPO was mind-bogglingly subscribed.

Another gem was Aban Offshore bought some @ 3400 sold half @ 4800 and the rest is a lesson for me.

Can we change the title of the thread to include "worst" too?

Then, mine will be JP Associates @ 326 in Jan 2008 when market crash started. Still holding the shares. But, I won't sell them for the next 5 yrs. I have faith in its long term fundamentals.

Alchemist please change the thread to best/worst please!


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Added "Worst" to the title.

Added "Stock" to the title. "Investment" is too general.

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Worst would be Orchid Chemicals. Bought it 2 odd years back when it was rocking at 220 odd. Sold it @ 190 a month or so ago since it was showing no great rise. Today it's in the high 300s.

Another is Bharti Airtel bought at intermediate periods with a high price of 450. Languishing at 330 odd today.

Best would be ICICI. Bought @ 330 in the crash. Still holding it.
Worst -> GM RInfra. bought during the Jan'08 crash / soon after. Not very sure.

Wait, it gets worse here --> sold for <20. I have no idea why I sold ! :y:
My Best investment was Tech Mahindra way back in 2006.

Got 16 shares in IPO (September-06).

Post listing I bought more and by October-end I had 173 shares at an average of Rs. 619.20.

In November-06 the price jumped and I booked partial profit. In May-07 the price reached close to Rs. 1500 and I sold the rest. The average sale price was Rs. 1132.80.

Net profit was Rs. 88,850.

My Worst investment was Goldstone Technologies

[It was more of speculation than investment. Went against Alchemist's advice and paid the price :D]

Bought 2566 shares in December-09 at average price of Rs. 39.02.

Sold all in May-10 at average price of Rs. 24.25.

Net loss was Rs. 37,876.
I too have booked losses in some stocks.

Indiabulls Power
-- (Got some shares in IPO, Some purchased from market to average, making it worse. Finally booked losses (around 3K) two months ago)

Suzlon - (Booked losses around 3K)

Some stocks having pile of unrealized losses:

Mahindara Satyam: Around 11K (Some purchased before Raju's confession and some purchased after the disaster).

RCOM: Around 9K (I am stuck with it from last 2 years).
Best Investment

Polaris Software:

Way back don't remember exactly maybe in 2000 or 2001.

IPO Allotment shares of Polaris @ 240

Sold at 3055 per share.

Made a profit of around 14 lakhs.

Worst Investment

Sasken Communication:

In 2007,

Bought @ 376
Sold @ 119

Booked loss of around 2 lakhs.

Satyam Bought at 109.70 a year back, still holding it.

HCL Info Bought at 118.90 a month back, still holding it.


Vijaya bank bought at 53 sold at 85.

And Coal India, Mandhana, Persistent, SKS etc IPOs.
This is the best thread ever.


Radha Madhav - Bought for Around 70. It doubled soon After (I don't even know why). After 2008 crash, sold it for 12. That is 1/6th of the buy price.

Thankfully my holding was only 8000/-


Mindtree Consulting I got IPO shares at 425. Sold on an average of 900, within 2 months.
Good thing, This stock was 80% of my portfolio at that time.
my best ever treads

One of the best for me was RNRL (just bought on tip) @ 27 and booked small profit (10% shares) @ 90 and sold remaining @ 235.

Then PFC @ 142 on 27Jun2007 and still holding it.

Others are TATA Motors, BEML, BOB, CIPLA.