Brokerage on Options

Can someone direct me to a thread (if it already exists) or answer the question about how much exactly I pay in brokerage for buying options?

Let us say, I buy one lot Nifty 5000 April @ 100 Rs Premium... (Spot 5000)

I pay 5000 as Premium (100x50 lot size)... what will be my brokerage, STT, Stamp Duty and other charges?

Are charges same when I square off or exercise the option?

Please help.
As far as i know ur bkg charges depends on the broker u choose, for HDFC it's 100 Rs per lot for buying and 100 for squaring off. I m not sure about what bkg u got to pay for exercising the option.
Per lot is fair enough... so I know these are fixed charges... I am more worried about charges which depend on trade value.

Any info on that?