Can It Be Demat'ed?

My dad found a bunch of old stock in physical form which were lying somewhere. These are quite old 7 to 20 years old.

Now, he doesn't remember whether he has already dematted some of these and sold them or these were never dematted - does the fact that he has these stocks in physical form mean they were never dematted. I am assuming when you demat a physical stock - they take away the physical stock. Is there an easy way to find out the status?

And next how do we go about dematting them? He has a demat account at ICICI bank. Also some of these stocks don't seem to appear in the daily listings. Is it because they aren't traded everyday or because the company is dead or because it's got delisted?


Staff member
If the share certificates are there, most probably they have not been demated.

The certificates have to be surrendered at the time of submitting dematerialisation request.

The procedure for dematerialisation can be found here:

Search for the company name and "ISIN"

Once you have the ISIN, you can easily find the status of the shares.

Some companies may have changed their names, so also search for company name and "name changed".