Can PPF Cheque/Cash be Deposited in any Branch?


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I have PPF account with my local branch.

Total 3 account.(including family members)

Next to next week new financial year starts and so wanted to deposited PPF money.

But now problem is amount should be deposited before 5th april 2012.

Banks are closed on 1st, 2nd and 5th on account of Sunday, yearly bank holiday and Mahavir Jayanti respectively.

In short I had to deposit cash to be on safe side.

Depositing 3 lakh cash and that too in banks like SBI is worst. On top of that the branch in which I have ppf account have the chosen worst staff whom i see from past 5 years. In short they are not transferred hence work very loosely.

So i was thinking to deposit to another new sbi branch a km away from this branch and as its new area there is hardly any queue.

Now, will they accept my cash and also will i be able to update my passbook from them?

I had asked them to open an account but they refuse stating I must stick to my nearest (same horrible) branch.


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So is this possible? Can I deposit PPF money in a different SBI branch as compared to the branch where I have the account?
Another option is to access ppf account online through

Visit the "helpful" branch of the bank for more information.