Coal India - Listing Day Contest

Coal India's Closing Price on Listing Day (Select Option Closest To Your Guess).

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Special Diwali Mini-Contest for Members. :D.

Just guess the closing price (NSE) of Coal India on listing day and win a prize.

Read all rules properly before posting a guess.

This contest is only for members who have registered before the contest announcement. (User Number 6119 and earlier).

Your guess should be a multiple of 1. No decimals.

Only one guess allowed per member.

Winner's Prize: Rs 501 cash.

Two consolation prizes of Rs 101 cash each.

The guess that is closest to NSE's closing prize in percentage terms will be the winner.

In case of tie in percentage terms, in which one guess is above the closing price and one guess is below the closing price, BSE's closing prize will be used as the tie-breaker.

In case, two or more members have the same guess and win, all winners will get Rs 351 each, but there will be no consolation prizes.

I have added a poll.

If you post a guess, also vote in the poll. That will make it easier for me to short-list the members whose guesses are closest to the NSE closing prize.

Use this thread to only post your guesses.

e.g. "My guess is Rs 273."

If you have doubts or suggestions regarding this contest, start a new thread in the "Suggestions and Feedback" forum.

Submit your guess before trading starts in Coal India - 9:15 AM (4th November).

Please note, members
have to post their guesses in this thread to participate. Voting in the poll is not considered a guess.


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My guess is 303.

Error I got when i posted only the above line is -

The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 20 characters.
My guess is Rs 319.

Although I missed applying for Coal India IPO, so trying my luck here at least for this prize money. :biggrin:.

Diwali wishes to all.
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