Currency Futures Through NEAT (NSE's Electronic Trading Platform)

Hello Fellow Traders,

I've already practiced currency futures trading on paper.

Now, I'm ready to plunge with a small risk capital of Rs.10,000/-.

But, most of the brokers are providing offline (call-n-trade) mode for currency futures trading.

I understand that NSE has its own electronic trading platform which allows online currency trading.

To my knowledge, Axis Bank is providing currency futures through NSE's NEAT platform.

I would like to know, what are the other banks in India, that allow currency futures trading through NSE's NEAT Platform (apart from Axis Bank).


For currency trading:

I am using NOW from Indo-Thai Securities Ltd. (NSE) and

ODIN from Arihant Future & Commodities Ltd. (MCX-SX).

Both brokers are Indore based local brokers and may not have branch at your place.

With banks you can do delivery based trading or options.

For normal trading you should approach to any broker that have membership with NSE or MCX-SX.
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How to do currency trading ?


I am new to currency trading & learned currency futures & like to do trading. I heard of NSE, USE, MCX-SX so which exchange to choose ? Can I do trading from my home computer by downloading currency software or do I have to go through some brokers ? I heard of NOW currency software of NSE & what are software offered by USE & MCX-SX ? Please advise.:help:

Can you please send link to download software ?

Looking forward for an early positive reply.