D-Mart - Avenue Supermarts IPO


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1 lakh crore valuation for a profit of 250 odd crores.

What does the technical say about this stock ?

250 crore is the quarterly profit.

Technically, the stock has broken down below 50 DMA/EMA and is in a medium-term downtrend.

However, there is very strong support in the 1300-1400 range and I don't see that level being broken unless there is a very sharp correction in the market.


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The moat here is the entry barrier in this business and deep pockets of the promoter.

However renting store was never dmart working style and now they going that way as there are pockets where even though how deep your pockets are entering not easy and Reliance is present by being a part of the brand shakari bhandar.

One need to closely monitor the numbers. Maintain growth is the key and taping new markets must be the need.
My belief on Dmart is that every country has a 10 Bn USD grocery retailer (revenue). For the same reasons, I believe Dmart is going to be India's 10B USD retailer. Which means that it will still quadruple from current valuations (or at least double). Once it reaches this scale it can probably continue growing stronger and further or may stagnate.