E-Investing Sentiment Indicator


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The traffic on E-investing is 20 posts yesterday, which is a topping sign. I remember seeing at the most 3 posts a day when we are near bottom or top!


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Interesting. I'm sure Alchemist can put up a chart of Sensex/Nifty versus posts per day if he can spare the time and effort :D.

I got the impression that higher indices produced more posts and vice versa (though I have been quite consistent :D except when he threatened to close down the forum).


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Since inception, the forum's average is around 16 posts per day and 2 new threads per day.

I haven't noticed any direct correlation between posts per day and the market indices.

What I have observed is that when I post more, the forum's activity also goes up.

If I don't post for 3-4 days, the forum slows down to 2-3 posts a day.

The forum's traffic has some correlation to the bullishness in the market.

You may have noticed this on the home page:

Most users ever online was 231, 30th January 2008 at 04:00 PM.