Exchange Sodexo Meal Pass Coupons with Cash

All retailers have a tie up with these coupon companies. Any of these retailers can exchange coupon for cash for you.

Retailers are charged a percentage fee for coupon, so expect a retailer to charge the same to you.

This transaction is not strictly legal, so only a retailer who knows you well will do it for you.
I would suggest you don't do it because, as Himanav pointed out, it is illegal. The Sodexo coupons are given for a reason, to be used only for buying food products.


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Is there anyway possible that one can exchange Sodexo meal pass coupons for money?


It's not necessary to use in hotels only for eating.

Here in Mumbai Reliance Fresh allows it to buy food product from its retail outlet.

Hence you can use for same.

By the way where are you located?