Favourite Sector to Invest in this Downturn

Please post your views on sectors where you see V shaped or U shaped recovery post covid-19 or post recession. How about sectors to avoid?

Do you see any future in stocks like PVR (Entertainment) or Wonderla (hospitality) in next one year? I guess they will take the longest to recover.
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I recommend stock of Foreign Tech companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Google/Alphabet, NetFlix and to smaller extent Facebook and Apple.

The Corona Virus has not disrupted their business, in fact due to remote working uptake of cloud services has increased.

Another advantage is that foreign stocks also provide exchange rate arbitrage. If the rupee falls (likely), foreign stock will deliver rupee gains even if the dollar price remains static.

Note: it is possible to invest in US stocks from India. Google for details.
Thanks for your blog post Kris, went through it. As you summarized in your post, DC (during corona) sectors gaining are as follows.

1.Healthcare -- Already Its costly specially in core pharma and diagnostic. Hospitals are still not performing good. How about Hospitals sector?
2.Chemicals -- it bouncing up and down. Looks like market is not so sure.
3.FMCG -- here things looks stable. may be safe bet here for long term.
4.Telecom -- Jio aka Reliance & Airtel not going down to enter. Any stock preference here.
5.Cloud -- Can you list some listed companies in this space? Not much in India.

Anybody knows any good listed Contract Manufacturer company with good business profile.
You can also take a look at select auto/auto anc and cement companies,if you are looking at value.

Hospitals as a sector is high capex and in this environment they will lose a lot of business plus they have high fixed costs too so I would prefer playing the hospital theme via medical devices,there is only one company listed in this segment,you can study that and decide.

Cloud the prominent players are in the US like AWS,MS Azure etc,you can purchase the Nasdaq 100 ETF in case if there is any correction to diversify your exposure as well as to participate in the tech businesses.

Lots of chemical companies have done very well, it is a large basket and plenty of good companies are available.
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