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Hi Alchemist

Can you plz. tell whats your take on Financial Technologies (India) Ltd.
at current level of 1673.
EPS has been rising last 4 years and cash flow also looks ok ?

However, here has been a negative news about mangement recently.

Do you see an upside in short term say 3 months ?

Please reply ASAP as I am planning to invest in it tomorrow to make up for losses in my portfolio ? ;)
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The stock looks very expensive to me....70 times last year's earnings.

Technically, it may bounce back to 1950 or so.

I haven't been tracking this company, but know a few things about it.

It is one of the promoters of MCX.

In developed countries, commodities are a much bigger market than equities.

India will go that way too, but it will take some time.

Financial Technologies will benefit a lot as MCX grows, but the stock seems to have discounted few quarters (maybe years) of earnings already.

I will take a better look at this stock tomorrow and let you know.