Financial terms in economy - questions

I am reading and try to understand (almost everything) about this

may be you can consider I am beginner in understanding financial terms. - Please help me to understand this from above article

1. How ? and why? --> "it’s good the capital-market regulator wants listed firms to tap the bond market more often, and cut their reliance on banks."

2. "Goyal neither brought in enough new equity of his own to rescue the debt-laden carrier, nor did he allow a timely sale to suitors who wanted the business "
- here what is meaning of ' brought in enough new equity of his own to rescue' - how he can rescue.

after seeing such queries, please suggest me - How do I start my journey to understand finance?

Thank you for help.


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1. SEBI wants companies to borrow by issuing bonds and not from the banks. I am not sure how that will change anything. At least banks can pressurize borrowers to return borrowed money. Bond market participants are a divided lot and we can't expect the same type of coordinated action from them.

2. Jet could have issued new shares to Goyal and reduced debt, but Goyal never bothered to do that.
Have you considered to take finance degree prior to that ? Don't want to offend but there are a lot of things which needs to makes sense in your head to make it all understandable and sometimes addittional education needed. Not just asking questions in forum. Lawyers and doctors are getting their degrees and probably not asking it all there. If you are asking Forex related - then you can find some FAQ for sure.