finfree's Portfolio

Dear Friends,

Below are my holdings. I am a long term investor but at the same time love to do short term investing / trading (delivery based) to make gains.

3I Infotech @ 93 Rs
Bartronics @147 Rs
GV film @ 3 Rs
Jaypee Infra @ 97 Rs
Prajay Engg @ 40 Rs
Power Grid @ 112 Rs
RCOM @ 81 Rs
RIL @ 119 Rs
RNRL @ 27 Rs
Suzlon @ 62 Rs
United Bank @ 63 Rs
VSNL @ 341 Rs

I need your opinions on the above stocks and whether I can continue holding them for long term OR I book losses on stocks like 3I Info , GV Films, Bartronics, Jay pee, Prajay and Suzlon.

Need advice (Alchemist and all),

As of today below are my investments.

Company***** Rs/Share***** % of total holding (cagr% till date)

BHEL***** 206 ***** 2,1 (21%)
GOLDBEE***** 2871***** 11,5 (2%)
GVFILM***** 3,3***** 7,6 (-100%)
HINDUJA VENTURES***** 366,16***** 1,8 (18%)
ILFTRA***** 162,5 ***** 2,4 (48%)
MCXINDIA***** 1032***** 8,3 (60%)
RCOM***** 65,72 ***** 4,2 (1%)
RIL***** 118,5 ***** 36,7 (11%)
VSTILL***** 400,1***** 2,8 (recent buy)
VSTIND***** 1462,00***** 7,3 (37%)

+ Dividends till date about 25000 Rs.

Unable to sell GVfilm on line through HDFC sec. Hence still shown in my holdings.

I am holding RIL from year 2000 ( one of my first shares other was VSNL), so attached to it that unable to sell it!

Kindly advice how to proceed further.

a) I want to built a long term portfolio ( >3 years) with stocks returning about 13-15 % cagr ( is it possible ?).
b) In addition I want to invest for short term horizon ( few months to 1 year) to generate money for investing in long term.

I doubt the second option (b) is feasible, because my present job does not allow me to track the market daily, nor the income allows me to take high risk :frown:.

Please advice what type of stocks I can buy to meet the above objectives ?


Can you advice me what to do with my portfolio ? Is it advisable to sell RIL, if so what is the price I can have as target?
I want to built up my portfolio with long term investment stocks.