Fixed Income Investment for Very Old Parents

Lots of options but depends on the kitty amount and returns expected for regular income along with yearly inflation

Safest-less returns

1. Post office MIS..
2 Gsec 10/15/20 years..this will be readily available directly to retail investors
3 NCD/infra/tax free bonds from secondary market - only govt companies and SBI
4 Senior citizen FD from SBI
Some risk
1.FD/NCD(secured) from NBFC(Mahindra/HDFC) short duration 2/3 years to be constantly renewed
2 Debt MF with quarterly SWP
3 Corporate FD- Godrej only - parsi baba dhoka nahi ape...!
Risks for all fixed income investments

level 1
Late/Delay payment of interest -

level 2
Less payment of interest/less returns (Debt MF)

level 3
Default in payment of interest.

level 4
Default in payment of goes kaput...mostly happens in corporate FD/NCD

For Senior becomes more risky...its like jor ka jhatka dheere se lage
I am not sure why people still ignoring good old deposits, fixed ones. You will be safe for more than anything. People at that age will want directly just that than anything. How much it is now even in some small bank ? Around 8% yearly maybe, good for me being 82 years old I think;)