Free International Calls via Viber?


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Might be your data plan is too less (KB) or free trial period might have ended.
I was supposed to get 2 GB data per month for first three months.

When I check my balance, I see my volume balance is 1048576, which I guess means 1 G. My validity is till 22 February 2013.

It seems to be a common problem with Idea. I found many such complaints online.

Idea 3G Nokia bundle offer - Free 3G Pack Activated But Balance Deducting

One of my number (reserved number) has been deactivated despite I topped up with "up to 6 months validity" recharge coupon (number would be activated for 6 month without any use till 6 months).
Mobiles companies deactivate unused SIM cards even if their validity period has not ended.

Validity of a lifetime SIM can last for mere 20 days -

San Yad

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Then best is to contact customer care and get your plan activated :)

Mobiles companies deactivate unused SIM cards even if their validity period has not ended.
I am aware about this. :)

Apparently I mentioned customer care that I don't use this SIM so frequently. Is there any alternative?

He suggested that sir you can buy this special recharge coupon of Rs 60 and it will keep your number active until 6 months without any use.

This is for people who want their number not to be recycled and reuse in.

After 6 months you again recharge with this recharge coupon and your number will active for another 6 months.

I also asked if this facility is also available online top-up ? He said no sir this is only available in recharge coupon at outlet shops in market.

But did not work out for me though :(.

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My 3G plan is working now.

It seems Idea sent the activation SMS before they actually activated the plan.

I tried using Viber with 3G, but it didn't work.

I get this message when I try to use Viber:

Viber service is currently unavailable or being blocked.
Anyone here using Viber via 3G?

San Yad

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I wasn't able to install apps like Lookout.

I did a "factory data reset" and now both the problems are solved.

Now, I can use Viber of 3G and I can install new apps.
Great finally made it. :D.

Enjoy your free international and national calls now. :).

The only problem for these internet calling software is that they have one line enabled and only one person can speak one time.

If another person starts speaking in between, then both voices would clash and no one can understand each other.

And no matter how strong signal you have, it will disconnect frequently.

Happy Investing !

I have tried Viber but it depends on the network.

If your network is strong enough then the voice quality will be good, but if network is weak then response would be bad.


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I don't know but I am still using Skype for like 15 years already. Maybe I am too old fashioned or so. But I never was able to get a hold of Viber, however many of my friends have it, as long as Skype, but we mainly use Skype anyway for all our chats here;)