Gold ETF vs Gold Fund of Funds

Read today about SBIMF's new Fund of Fund, SBI Gold Fund which will invest in SBI GETS (Gold ETF). Was planning on buying some gold (its fallen by Rs. 700 today) in electronic/paper form and was wondering whether the ETF is better or the Fund of Fund. For the ETF I assume liquidity would be a problem as will holding it in Demat. I understand charges for the fund of funds will be higher but am wondering whether the liquidity (of simply returning the units to the MF) is better?


Staff member
I don't see any reason why anyone who has a stock broking account, should invest in SBI Gold Fund.

If someone thinks that the SBI's gold ETF is not liquid enough, he can opt for Gold BeES. which is much more liquid.

The gold fund will keep some cash and that, along with fund's management fees, will reduce long-term returns.