Gruh Finance - Bonus Declared


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Gruh finance declared 1 for 1 bonus issue

After implementing LTCG of 10%, and saying people are making money easily without any effort .:hmpf: FROM MARKET I am not touching any stock purely on the basis of bonus issue to save tax.

My trading activity more than halved in this month, and will continue regardless of market condition my aim is to save tax and not to make money.............sorry, EASY MONEY from market.

Recently received a FD maturing with 9%+ interest from a bank without any effort + capital safe + 5% tax slab taken 5 years back against 15% tax + STT + No capital guarantee from market

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So is it good or bad thing in reality ? I see that nobody commented that, what do we play to do with all that things. How does it should matter to all ? You want to say that fixed deposits are now much safer than anything else for that matter ?