GST Bill May Clear Rajya Sabha Hurdle This Time

This is like gaadi right time aayi hai...lekin ..yeh toh kal ki gaadi aaj ayi hai.....

GST not much of a factor...rains aaye toh thoda badhega....oil price badh gaye toh ..dubi naya paani mein.....

One deep correction to around 7400 has to be there before Nov-Dec 2016....

....If trump jeet ke aayega toh kya hoga....lololol


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If that happens we can expect a sharp rally in the market. :rock:.
sachinjee I hope the same , and in anticipation of that I bought a logistic company [ A*.*] few weeks back :shakehands:

disc: This is not any kind of buy or sell recommendation, I am not an analyst :mad:.