How To Use This Site?


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Many members are new to the concept of a forum.

Thus, I have made a simple "How To" guide for this forum.

Q: What is this site for?

A: This site is primarily for discussing finance and investing-related subjects.

Q: How to I register?

The site is free to register and use. All members are welcome to ask questions, give suggestions, discuss and share information.

The registration page is here:

Q: How do I post on this forum?

A: To post on this forum, first you must find a suitable sub-forum.

Suppose you want to ask about a stock ABC Limited.

In this case, you must first go to the "Stock Markets" forum:

Then select the suitable sub-forum. In this case, the most suitable sub-forum is "Individual Stocks":

Now if want to start a new topic, you must start a thread. Press the

("Thread" means a "Topic". To start a new thread means to start a new topic.)

After you have typed-in your post, press the "Preview Post" button to preview your message and "Submit New Thread" button to submit the post.

To reply to an existing thread, go to that particular thread (topic) and press the


For detailed explanation of other features, read the FAQ:

If you still have doubts about using this site, you can always post your questions (about the site) in the Suggestions and Feedback forum:


Also don't forget to read the posting guidelines; and follow them too. :).