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I sold something yesterday, yet to be settled I understand. But it was appearing in my trading limit yesterday as expected. Today it's not reflected in my trading limit, neither credited to my demat account.

am I missing here, or its another goof-up from ICICI system. Below is what I get to see :mad:

Current Limit : 3,045.65
Allocation : 6,243.65
Block for Trade : 0.00

Settlement Date | Exchange | Segment | Settlement No.| Payable by You | Payable to You
24-Feb-2009 | NSE | Rolling | 2009035 | 3,198.00 | 0.00
25-Feb-2009 | NSE | Rolling | 2009034 | 0.00 | 26,774.68


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Not sure.

I haven't sold anything via ICICIDirect for a long time.

I will check next time I sell something.

I guess, it was shown in your credit limit as you had sold something in the same settlement period.

Yesterday was a new settlement period. As you still haven't received the cash, the credit limit is lower.
I missed to mention that I had sold Equity (not tried my hands on derivatives yet).

And the issue is no more, the amount is well reflected in my Trading Limit now. :).

I believe it was a coincidence that this issues with my equity allocation happened on the expiry day.