ICRA Limited


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Alchemist what are your thoughts on rating agencies? How do you rate the business itself and this scrip compared with CRISIL?

My calculations state that it looks a good buy in small quantity?

It has 261 employees who generate a profit of 22 lakhs per employee vs 2800 employees of CRISIL who generate a profit of 8 lakhs per head.

Both are debt free companies.

ICRA has less market share with 30% of market space vs crisil.

Crisil has NPM of 30% while ICRA has 25%.

ICRA trades at P/E of 17 and Crisil at 34.


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Delivery was 20% of traded quantity on both NSE and BSE. What does this mean? One day bounce only?
Possibly yes.

The stock is already down 3% in first 5 minutes of trade.

As for the business, I think this is a great business to be in.

Rating agencies have to do nothing except just give a rating to various securities.

Their biggest expense is salary cost. Otherwise they don't need to invest in anything else. Hence, cash flows are usually good.

Competition is restricted too. Currently there are just 5 major credit rating agencies in India.

Name and Registered address of Credit Rating Agencies


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Stock has fell 10% today and delivered quantity is 20% both on BSE and NSE.

Looks like a lot of intraday traders have piled up into stock and are enjoying the ride up and down.

Crisil is also in play in similar way!