IDFC (Infrastructure Development Finance Company)

San Yad

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Any suggestion from experts if it's the right time to buy IDFC? Lot of fund houses are suggesting a buy at CMP.
I am bullish on this for long term.

For short term you will see the selling pressure at about Rs 220.

My personal opinion, it could be another HDFC in years to come. :)

Happy Investing

Disclaimer: I have exposure in this scrip :).


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I think if it crosses 155-160 range, then it could reach 180.

However looks like it is already tired. Need to take some breath before moving forward.

Note: I am not an expert in technical chart. This is just my view :).


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CMP is at Rs:94.5.

How does the future prospects look like for IDFC?

Looks like good to add at this level? Any view?
Do look at the company's loan book before initiating a position.

There is a lot of financial stress in the infrastructure sector and sooner or later that will start showing up in IDFC's financials.

The stock has lost a lot yesterday and today for technical reasons and thus may see a short-term bounce.
Demerger -> Share transfer - What next?

I have IDFC on stock SIP at the moment. IDFC has fixed 5th October as record date for share transfer after demerger. I understand that, if I buy IDFC after this date, I will be stuck with IDFC (My focus is to accumulate more of "IDFC Bank"). I like to know... will IDFC Bank be immediately available in the secondary market? My guess is 'no'.. It will probably have to go through an IPO first? If so, what has been the waiting period between share transfers and IPOs in the past?
At this point -

Given current situation (CAPF <-> IDFC BANK), is IDFC worth buying?

For a year time frame?

Even if you cannot or don't want to say yes/no.. but please share insights.

Thank you.