India Faltering In The GDP Growth Race


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After the recent GDP figures were declared, India is no longer the second-fastest growing economy.

Philippines and Indonesia have reported higher growth rates in Q1 of 2012.

If the government doesn't wake up now, India may even slip below Thailand in next few quarters.

In Q4 of 2011-12, India was No 4 in the growth sweepstakes behind Philippines (6.4 percent) and Indonesia (6.3 percent). China, as usual, was tops at 8.1 percent.

Ironing out quarterly blips, in the six months to March 2012, India’s GDP grew 5.7 percent, behind China (8.5 percent) and Indonesia (6.4 percent), thus coming in at No 3 even here.

CLSA’s full-year (calendar) forecast for 2012 still shows India hanging in there – barely — and the No 2 position could be a toss-up between India, Philippines and Indonesia (all projected at 6 percent).

But a lot depends on whether the UPA gets its reform and growth act together by then. Else, it may lose out to the other No 2 candidates, and Thailand at No 5 with 5.5 percent growth projection will be snapping at India’s heels.
Wakey, wakey: India slips to No 4 in growth sweepstakes | Firstpost

Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand already have higher per capita GDP and so it would be shameful if these economies overtake India in the GDP growth race too.
The political morons did nothing but chant 'All izz well'. When there is so much of inaction and indiscretion in the policy front and decision-making, the results are there to see. Spineless to say the least.

We are the slaves of our own mind :thumpdown:.