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James Mathe, a US resident, has been able to successfully defend ownership to the domain name, despite

(a) RPG and RPG Life Sciences being registered, prior to James Mathe's registration of the domain name

(b) has no content; it is set to redirect traffic to another e-commerce website

RPG Life loses domain name battle

LUBNA KABLY, TNN | Feb 19, 2014, 03.36AM IST
MUMBAI: A complaint filed by RPG Life Sciences, a pharma company that is part of the diversified RPG Group, against the owner of the domain name '' has been denied by an international arbitration panel. Interestingly, the owner has now offered to sell the domain name to RPG Life.

RPG Life loses domain name battle - The Times of India

Anybody here interested in this area? What are the ground rules for buying / selling domain names on the internet?


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This is an exceptional case and usually such judgements go in favor of established businesses and companies.

In this particular case, the judgement is fair because RPG is a widely used internet acronym.

Domain trading is a tricky business and returns are unpredictable.

Luck plays a big part too.

Number of domain names registered far exceeds the number of active websites on the internet.

The real end user demand for domains is miniscule compared to the supply. Most of the buying is done by domain hoarders.

.com domains are considered the most valuable ones.

Other TLDs are considered inferior to .com.

Keyword domains get their value from the keywords that they are made up of.

Keywords get their value from either their search volume (number of people searching every day) or transactional value. has high value not because lot of people search for "mesothelioma lawyer" but because these searches can result in extremely high value "sales".

Recently gTLDs have been introduced and there is lot of speculative buying happening in these domains too.

Again the demand is mostly from hoarders and not end users.

You can learn a lot more about domain trading from forums like

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Thanks for the links to the forums.

Can't sleep well at night when you think that another American resident pocketed a neat $500K for And who bought it from him? Our very own