IPO Threads

I suggest that threads with IPO's in their name be edited to indicate their "post IPO" status now.

It is not logical to have "business as usual" non-IPO related comments in a thread that is specific to the IPO.

I also suggest that the thread be moved from the IPO section to "individual stocks" section to that it is easy to find.

Suggestions for the future (Alchemist please review):

For a new IPO, create thread with just the company name without "IPO" in it. Create the thread in the IPO section. After the listing action is over the thread can be moved to the "individual stocks" section.
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That's a valid point.

However, it would prefer to keep an IPO thread open for few days after listing too.

Many investors don't sell their holdings on the first day and hold for a few days to see how the market is reacting to the new stock.

At the same time, there may be issues with IPO allotment, refunds etc.

In this initial period, where the interest in the stock is high, I think it is best to not to have separate threads for IPO-related queries and non-IPO related queries.

Till now, I have not kept any specific time limit for closing an IPO thread, but I think I should set a limit of 2 weeks (post-listing).

Suggestions are welcome.


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My humble suggestion - Instead of opening a new thread for the stock after 2-weeks (or whatever time period) of listing, I suggest to move the whole thread from IPO section to "individual-stocks" section.

Advantage1 - One can read in the same thread, what was the general view about the company prior to listing.

Advantage2 - Every discussion about the stock stays at one place.