IRB InvIT and India Grid Trust

I wish to know the details of these 2 scrips before making an investment decision.

1.The CMP is 98 and 96 respectively, but the FV is Rs.10, so when they will declare dividend will it be on FV or CMP?

2.What is the minimum trading lot for these scrips?

Please clarify on above points.


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The face value of IRB InvIT is Rs 102.
Trading lot is 5000.

The face value of India Grid Trust is Rs 100.
Trading lot is 5103.

SEBI has asked companies to declare "per share" dividend.

I think the same applies to InvIT funds too. The dividend will not be in the "percent" form.
I own IRB Invit for a little more than a year now. My buying price was 74.

In the first year, I got 8.60 Rs as interest for each unit. This does not include the RoC which also I got from the Invit. So in the interest part it has been great. But the price of the Invit itself has gone down to 52.32 since I purchased it!

No idea what makes the price keep going down (other than the RoC).