Is My Portfolio Allocation in Right Path?

I had started my direct investments in MFs via SIPs without help of agents. And I have allocated my monthly SIP amount in the following proportion.

PPFAs LTV fund- 15%
Quantum LTE - 30%
HDFC Mid-Cap - 15%
Axis Long Term Equity - ELSS - 25%
Quantum Equity FoF - 15%

I'm looking for long term investment. I just wanted to know whether the portfolio allocation is correct when looking for a long term . Or is the portfolio more towards Mid Cap funds?

I wanted more large caps. Which one do I need to stop?
Axis LTE and PPFAS LTV are very good performers within short term and hopefully long term too. I have and continue to invest SIPs in these two. These are both large cap top performers. On Quantum LTE, while I used to like their cost structure and their philosophy, the fund has been under performing since they are holding cash while the Sensex has moved up by more than 10%. I would say the right time to exit Quantum LTE would have been six-eight months ago in hindsight. I would say currently do not pull out money from here, but stop any future investment in this fund. I have no POV on Quantum FoF and HDFC Mid Cap, perhaps someone else can help.