Leaving a Company - Question

I see very different situation with one of person I know very well.

He is working in MNC - (infact he was.)

After he left the company within 8 days news came that the company (which he left) was acquired by another company.

Now when someone acquires the company - the All RSU which gets vested. So within few days person gets handsome amount of money.

So Question is - is that right time to choose when he left the company?

Any further thoughts forum members has? Please share your views and experience.
I do not even understand what you mean here, sorry, are your friend or common person somehow connected to the management of the company and leaving some amount of money cause of that bad move or what really ? How he linked to the questions you asked ?
Agree with last person here seems like people are posting trash here and there and that's it. Members of that forums didn't replied cause it's really vague information and do not work in a real way at all anyway. How does that sounds to you anyway ?