Loans For Starting a Business?


I am starting a new Pre school. At present I am running it in a rented building. I would like to move to my own building. I am planning to buy a small piece of land and build according to my plan. For this I need the capital.

My question is there any way to get loan for buying land for my kindergarten. I don't have any land to pledge. What are the options for getting a loan in front of me? Can I get housing loan for this purpose if I plan to build my house along with the proposed project.

I would like to get some ideas before approaching the bank guys. Please help if any of you have any information on this?

You can some other assets that you own such as gold or fixed deposits and pledge them with you bank. Moreover the property that you buy will remain in the loan until you pay all of it.
First of all, wishing you the best of luck for your new pre school. You can buy a personal loan and repay it in EMI with either fixed or floating interest according to your choice. You can also pledge your gold ornament or gold coins to borrow a gold loan the bank or NBFC. However, make sure to read thoroughly all the terms and conditions as well as the interest rates.
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