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It's investment made by me into my sister's account.

From -10% to positive level I brought it.

Have to add and reduce prices of shares as dividend have been paid and I adjust the same with buy price. Plus 3 more stocks need to be added to list.

Will also share my own account portfolio too.


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Long time haven't updated my thread.

Will do this on priority basis now.

Added 5 REC in 1 folio at 155 rate excluding tax and brokerage.


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Bought 100 shares of Saint Gobain Sekruit at 66.45 (excluding brokerage).

As my record with delisting candidates so far have been very good, took position.

Also after Tulsian's take.

Delisting may occur in Saint-Gobain at Rs 75-80: Tulsian - CNBC-TV18 -

Though I will be exiting if it touches 74 level and wont wait for surrendering in delisting. After delivery stop loss of 59.

Note::Share is in T2T segment .Delivery is a must.
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Added 100 shares of HCC for long term at 18.32.

Either will increase shares to 250 or exit at 30 target. No stop loss as I plan to keep it long and will average at every 40-45% down the value till 250 shares.


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After a long time one exit happened.

Exited from Zee Learn. Invested around 20.45 per share on march 2011. Had opportunity to average 13.But avoided. Exited today at 24.2.

Earned 15.6% return in 14 months that's not a bad figure I guess.

Now only Treehouse, Career Point or MT Educare in my radar but no way I am eager to put my money down now.


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Another exit in 2nd portfolio. Since tax return season around now I'll get time and my complete 3 different portfolio will be uploaded here soon.

Ok here I had bought this stock last month name Marsons Limited.

1500 shares at 7.76 price. It was an intraday bet. But somehow I never squared off. Today the stock was trading 10% above yesterday value hence I put a sell on 20% above yesterday price. Which was also circuit limit.

In no time within 5 minutes it got executed.

Next stock to exit from this portfolio is KOPRAN on my list which i bought for 17.5 something.Another intraday stock which I haven't covered but yes if it falls below 14 I'll exit with loss here.

I have stopped intra-day trading all together as I plan to get some dedicated means to track and exit and follow strict rules over it.


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Exited kopran.

It hit 20% circuit today.

Exited at 21.1 wheras buy was 18.Total 16% return excluding STCG (have included brokerage and demat holding charges).

Also took very small position in IL&FS Transportation just 4 shares.

Will add more later after I reassess properly my folio.


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Well I have started investing from my fathers folio and since he is eligible for RGESS exemption.I am looking for shares which satisfy its criteria.

I am trying as much as to avoid PSU but those who are cheaper in valuations I might buy. I recently bought BHEL.

I won't be selling this shares as already 3 years lock in will set and it will be part of legacy pass on stock.

Also since my father is not very happy with investment in stock idea. I won't surpass the RGESS limit of 50000 investment in a year in this folio.

I will upload this folio in a day or two as this one is much cleaner folio.


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4 Folios I manage of my family.

Here is number 1 of my father.It's RGESS Complaint.I haven't been putting the 50000 limit amount in it .But was planning for 1 lakh rupee exposure this year 50k in RGESS and 50 K in some good foreign shares with strong promoter holding and debt to equity of around 0.25.

But this Modi wave have made me silent.

I will see after couple of month where the water settles.

Fathers Folio::

1::Asiant Paints --- 10
2::Bank OF Baroda ---2
4::Cairn India -4
5::Cummins India -3
6::GSK Pharma--2
7::Hdfc Bank -2
8::HDFC - 2
9::IDFC -8
10::IndusInd Bank::2
11::Reliance Capital::4
13::Reliance Infra::5
14::Goldman Sachs cpse etf::681 units

Total Investment ::32k Present value ::47k

I will try not to exceed this folio share list above 30.

And might try to exit all reliance companies if I get further 30-40% appreciation.As that was just investment due to safety nature. But for growing I think i need to go for something else.

This stock will pass on to me ultimately so it needs proper selection and nurturing. I don't plan to sell this shares ever from this portfolio unless some disaster happens.