Market Tanks As Usual - Aug 2015


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Blood bath at Dalal street.

Portfolio took a beating, fingers crossed.

Wondering ...

As its a accumulation phase of life, should one welcome this crash?


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I average down my old holdings in south Indian bank, vedanta, tbz and Tata steel. Though i just average it down so i can exit 2-4 years time i don't plan to hold it longer as i am shifting my folio to nil or less debt companies.

Every crash is an opportunity. You can never time the market. During the 2008-2009 crash I lost wonderful opportunities.

Now taking big positions in good companies where there is low or nil debt and have future growth prospects.


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Though market tanked 6%, nifty p/e is still above 21.

Need more fall to deploy long term money.

Though portfolio has got a good beating today but as it's accumulation phase and not withdrawing phase, there is less worry. But one never knows when panic may chip in :)'

Expecting a dead cat bounce tomorrow.