The best opportunity to grab multibaggers are from the lows of a bear market (2008-10 ?) to the tops of the next bull market cycle (2014-16?).

In the last bear market that ended in 2003, I remember many multibaggers

Bharti - 25 to 900+
BHEL - 91 to 1500+
ICICI Bank - < 100 to 1000+
L&T - 142 to 1400+
Mahindra & Mahindra - 55 to 550+
McDowell - 33 to 2000+
Pantaloon - a huge multibagger
Reliance Industries - 200 to 2000+
SAIL - 5 to 150+
SBI - 164 to 1500+
Tata Steel - 91 to 750+ (?)

plus lots more. The telecom sector (mobile) was a new growth industry in the 2003-08 bull market.

In my opinion, the last bear market (2003) provided the best opportunities of the life time. The valuations were extra ordinarily low due to a 10 year long bear market from 1994-2003 (The IT boom in the late 90s was just a mirage for the broad market as they continued to underperform during the IT boom). As a result, even the large caps turned out to be ten baggers.

But it is all in the past. The only thing that one can infer from the past is that the current bear market will also provide an opportunity to grab possible multibaggers in the future (i.e., 5/7 year time frame).

The question is which scrips will qualify to be the next 10 bagger ? Which new industry will emerge to be growth driver for the next bull run ?

Any ideas/opinions ?!?

I personally think Punj Lloyd may very well turn out to be a 10 bagger. L&T may perform very well as well.

3i Infotech may be a dark horse due to low valuations.


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There will be 100's of tenbaggers in the next bull run.

The problem is that no one really has the patience to hold stocks for the long term.

e.g. ICICI Bank took nearly 6 years to go from 100 to 1000. How many people would have held the stock for such a long period?

Most people sell out of a stock if it gives them a decent return in the short term.

I made the mistake often in the last bull run.

Now, I am determined to extract the full benefits of the next bull market....:D.

Once, I get a confirmed bull market, I will not sell any stock unless I have a better investment option.

(The next bull market may be years away....unless I get a technical confirmation, I won't make any big bets).
Ha ha ha - Finding a list of potential multi baggers is the objective of this thread.

And to start off I predicted 3IINFO and Punj Lloyd ! Surely there are multibaggers from the financial/power/infrastructure sectors.

and where is the list of picks of such stocks for next bull?