New Stock Screener -

Thanks Vaduvur

Thanks Vaduvur for sharing the screener link.

Quality screeners are always welcome.

I will test it tomorrow.

I wish registration was not required to use it.
Please let us have your your feedback. Registration is required to save user's customization (as almost anything can be tailor-made customized by the user).

Does this tool use Consolidated or Standalone data?
It uses standalone data currently.
It uses standalone data currently.
Standalone data is not very useful.

For companies with subsidiaries it completely changes the output.

See how contrasting the numbers are for companies like Cox & Kings, Dishman, Tata Motors to name a few.

Till now of all the screeners used,the one at (one for registered users) is the most robust.
How good it is now? I mean are the data genuine? Heard moneycontrol data have lot of mistakes.
The data is really good and sourced from authentic sources. Use the watchlist for automated email alerts on all your portfolio/watchlist stocks.

Create and build customized screens. Also one can use screens put up by other users.

Any suggestions just drop a note to Ayush/Prattyush in the feedback page and they will try to incorporate that.