New To Trading


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Very new to stocks. All looks greek and roman. I been looking
at all your discussion and opinions. I really want to invest some money and try expriementing it. It would be great if you people can help me out to kick start?

I have applied for my demat account. It might get thru in the next few weeks.
Few Simple Rules

Hi...if you want to invest, try to identify some good stocks...reputed companies, having good business prospects, financially viable, honest management...your broker/consultant will help you...wait for an attractive price but don't wait for too long...go for it and hold on.

If you want to trade then do your own homework instead of just relying on tips. Choose highly traded stocks but with low market cap...for starters the economic times newspaper contains good market intelligence data.

Don't get caught into hardcore technicals/fundamentals.

Track the stocks daily not just prices also the latest news surrounding the stock.

Approach the market on a common sense basis to understand market sentiment.

I hope this helps...all the best!

I am a newbie in the investment market.
I am 33 by now, and as introduced in many policies that investment should start early, I believe, it's never too late to start.
So I will begin my journey towards knowing investments and investing them.:thrasher:.