PO Box for Receiving Courier Packages

I am looking for a service in Bombay which receives couriers on your behalf - i.e. the courier is sent on your name but their address. They collect it & then phone you. You collect it from them. Is there any such service available. I am OK with both monthly rates or per package rates.

The Post Office has a PO Box but that's just for letters (they may accept packages but only from IndiaPost, I think).

Anyone know of such a service?
Have you found something like that ? Please do share here in comments - I assume it's a very important task anyway for anyone of you really here. I do not see how it haven't being responded for so much time. It really out of my mind anyway.
Are you able to find what you wished for or not ? You seems make that post long long time ago really and I do not see from where it takes really. I assume some private postal company can really do that for you without any problems out there.