Posting Guidelines & Infractions


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The forum is growing with each passing day.

Thanks a lot to everyone for it. :).

The number of threads and posts is also going up fast.

Many users have recently pointed out that it is getting more and more difficult to find useful information among hundreds of posts.

To an extent, I also agree with this.

Also, I have noticed that many users keep making off-topic posts.

This "hijacks" the whole thread in a completely different direction.

From now onwards, I am setting a few "guidelines" which I expect all users to follow.

Each time, the any guideline is violated, I will issue an "infraction".

An infraction is just a warning. Each infraction will expire after a month.

Anyone getting more than 5 infractions in a month will be banned for 5 days.


1. Refrain from making posts that do not add any useful information.

You post should not just contain comments like "good post" and "nice analysis".

If you are adding useful content, then you can add a line like that.

I know this one is a bit harsh, but if people keep posting such comments, a time will come when half of the posts will just be comments.

2. Do not make posts unrelated to the topic of the thread.


Don't make a post like "when is the XYZ IPO coming?" in the thread for ABC IPO.

Make a new thread for XYZ IPO if you want to know about XYZ IPO.


Don't ask about NSE settlement cycle in a thread related to brokerage rates.

3. For stocks of different sectors, make different threads.

If is acceptable that you make common thread for ACC and Gujarat Ambuja.

However, if want to ask about ACC and Infosys, make different threads. A person who wants to know about ACC may not want to know about Infosys. Why should he be made to read about Infosys in the same thread?

4. Don't make threads for unimportant news.

If Infosys gets Rs 50 crore order, it is no news.

If Reliance Power bags
[SIZE=-1]Ultra Mega Power Project, then it is important event.

Before making a thread, ask yourself, is the news really important.

5. Don't copy any content from other sites.

This is one guideline that users are still not following. :mad:.

If you want to copy 5-7 lines from some other site, then it is acceptable.

However, please do not copy entire articles from other sites.

It is a copyright violation and illegal.

If you find something very useful, just give a link to it.

6. Make threads in appropriate categories.

This one is self-explanatory.

7. Make your posts readable. (This one will not bring you any infraction, but is desired).

Use proper language.

Check your spellings. Use Firefox and an English Dictionary add-on. This will make your work much easier...:D.

Don't use abbreviations that no one understands.


Most of you will get infractions sooner or later.

Do not get upset by them.

They expire in a month. :D.

I am doing this for two reasons:

1. It will weed out useless content from the forum.

2. It will save me a lot of time.

From last few days, I have spent a lot of time just moving posts and threads from here to there.

It is better if I spend time analyzing stocks etc, rather than moving and editing posts.


This thread is closed.

For questions related to infractions, post on Suggestions and Feedback forum.


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I have created a few custom infractions.

Members are again requested to read all rules and guidelines.

As I stated earlier, each time, any rule or guideline is violated, an "infraction" will be given.