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From January 2008, I am thinking of introducing prizes for the best contributor to the forum.

basic idea:

-there will be a monthly prizes and one annual prize.

at present I am thinking of keeping investment related books as prizes for monthly prizes. annual prize not decided.

-there will be a minimum total posts requirement (and minimum posts in a month) for the prizes...still not decided the number.

-one member can win monthly prize only once in a year. thus, more people will get a chance to win.

-I will have a point system, which I will not be disclosing. Only useful, informative and helpful posts will contribute to your points.

-making useless posts to increase your post count will bring negative marking. :cool:.

-copy-pasting articles from other sources will directly lead to elimination from the contest. (quoting 4-5 lines is acceptable).


Any suggestions?

The final rules will be announced around 30th December.
Hi Alchemist,

That is a GR8 idea (though it will be costly for u to send my prize to me):D.
Just let us know if u need any contribution from our side, as u already had done much for the site, any kind of help in any shape we will be glad to help.

Yes, thats so kind of you! I think the post count should not be the criteria. Only the quality of posts should be. I prefer quality over quantity. Again, whats better than an investment book :) But please first ask the person whether he already has read it. One more prize can be money, say like INR 1000 for monthly and INR 10000 for year prize. All members please reply and contribute - the contest has already started!