R.K. Global - Yes or No?

Hello fellow traders,

I'd like to save on brokerage costs esp. brokerage on derivatives.

I've short-listed RK Global because of their extremely low brokerage of Rs.9 per lot.

But, the other day, one of my friend who actually opened trading a/c with RK Global a year ago, did not trade from RK Global at all and his current balance is -5000 (Yes, you are Right ! Negative 5000). My friend says that their trading terminal sucks.

However, I'd like to take your views too.

Is there any trader/ investor in this forum who uses R.K. Global's services?

If Yes, how is their service?

1) What are the banks we can map/ link with RK Global for funds transfer facility?

2) How is their web browser and ODIN terminal?

3) Is it good on just brokerage front or does it provide research facility?

4) Can we also place orders over phone?

5) Do they also have IPO Subscription facility.

6) Any connectivity problems?

7) Can we use the web browser for commodity trading or do we need ODIN software?

8) Can we write naked calls from RK Global? If Yes, is their margin requirement uniform or differential?