Rama Newsprint and Papers

Came after vacation and surprised to see the price of Rama Newsprint and Papers in my portfolio. I hold 1000 shares@17 and it was at the same level when I started my vacation 4 weeks ago.
Its quoting at 47 now with only buyers and no sellers available :hmmmm2:

I did lot of googling, can not find the real reasons behind the price rise. Not sure whether / when to exit.

There were some recent news about "newsprint papers to cost more"... but then not many other paper stocks (ex: TNPL) have shown the same price appreciation.

I have been holding this regularly, keep buying and selling. Back in 2006 they had done some equity consolidation... but that doesn't seem to be the case either this time.

Can someone please share the information that I am missing here.
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