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my PF includes....

1.Balmer Lawrie Company
2.Bhagyanagar india
3.Banco india
5.Kabra EXt.
7.Opto Circuits
10.Savita OIL

Cash available 210 :D

these r my personal holdings and i am not recommending anybody to take this as any kind of basis to buy/sell
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Added Praj, No choice left except this.


Raised my companies capital (In EGM meeting)..:D.
i was required to raise capital to meet this task.


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Come on!! its a joke!!

coffee break:
Pazhamozhi sonna anubavikanum, arayakudadu!! (for those who wonders what is it, it is in Tamil)!!
sorry if I voilated sec44D of alchemist rule :D.
Hope somebody doesn't ask what is sec44D ~hahaaa.....


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Sold savita yesterday.

@vasa jee
Actually i never compared these two ....i just bought a very few shares of GMR and planning to add the rest of it when it goes to 120 levels if it.

I may buy GVK also if it comes to 33 levels

Both companies have strong political backup and future leaders of the market and more both are high risk high return stocks I think.

@man jee

can i jump in and average it [Praj] around 95 levels to bring down my acquisition cost to around 105 levels

and also please give me the good entry points for Nucleus s/w and GFCL for short term investment
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San Yad

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I have closed my position in mic also. Seems it is going in south direction and sooner and later it may break 31.

By any chance if you are holding Gujnrecoke then better close your positions and come out of it. It also has broken stop losses and may go back to its support. At low levels you can make fresh entry.

Happy and wise Investing
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