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Made 2 blunders in recent days.

1. Bought pnb bank at a higher price more than 13% of pf :damnmate: it is just a hate buy after it went 50% in no time and I felt why I missed , so jumped knowingly :goodnight:

2. Took out 30% of capital shifted to fixed deposits, which will give me less than 5% :motz: return after income tax [annualized]:banghead:

disc: No recommendation above.
Yes, exactly.

If you can wait for another day to be on the safer side.
thanks for reply's nitinjee adminjee

Will wait today and sell tomorrow [Friday] to be on safer side If asked by taxman:beerglass::beerglass:

Paying tax at 15%+ STT while the normal rate just at 5% is :stickyman:

At least for small traders there should not be STT :mad:.
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Reliance comm. doubled in a month, missed the flight :hmmmm2:.

May be a full timer in the market might have guessed this move , even I have tempted to buy around 11 levels with a 1-2 rs down risk. Due to lack of time to followup with the stock costed me :bawling:

More worse I have booked losses in RHFL :damnmate:

Disc: I am not recommending any thing. I am a bad bad trader :).
Sold m&m yesterday, now I am sure I will get my bonus shares 100%.

Just want to play safe in January month. after getting 35% + :flowers::flowers: return on capital no need to play aggressive in next 3 months is now my policy:smokin:.

Disc: Not any kind of recommendation, I am a not an analyst and I am a bad trader.


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Went for some shopping, thanks to pre budget exit from some and have enough cash reserves to burn fingers :bandit:

Bought a govt. defence company near 140, which I believe a good choice.

Will add more every 20-25% corrections in the same.

Please note: this is not any kind of recommendation. i do not recommend any thing i am not a regd. analyst many times my strategy went wrong.
Calculating how much are the taxes I paid other than advance tax, roughly around 75k, because I iam the FM of my money, therefore I propose to cut this tax outgo by minimum 30% to counter the 10% ltcg tax :congrats::congrats:

Till now I am not very serious about tax outgo :)

I don't know is there any tax on agricultural income of more than 10 lakhs per year, for any one who makes more than 10 lakhs from any source why they need a tax holiday? Is it correct making crore from farm income and paying no TAX :questionmark:
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I am very very happy :rock: I booked loss in PNB , now I will get back some of my

advanced tax paid with interest :evil::evil::thrasher:

disc: I am not a analyst, i am not recommending anything to buy or sell and i hate LTCG limit of 1 lakh, it must be at least 3 lakhs

For someone with below 5 lakhs income he needs to pay 15% stcg + stt and 10% ltcg + stt

while the slab for others with income below 5 lakhs is only 5% - no stt.

I accept the number of LTCG claim for last year is a big number [more than 3 lakh crores, but what % of that is small investors?]

Then what is the number for previous years and in 2008 ? what about the LOSSES?
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Agree on the limit being too low. They should certainly raise this. I will be booking losses every 31st March and buying the share on 1st April to reduce outflow.