Revision of Derivative Lots.

Hello Fellow Traders,

I understand that any F&O Derivative lot market price should not be more or less than Rs.2 lacs.

If the price is more or less than 2 lacs, then the lot should be revised suitably such that the price is more or less close to 2 lcas.

As the most of the stocks in F&O have rallied sharply, the cumulative market price of lot is more than 3-4 lacs. (Eg: Bharti aritel CMP:367 and market Lot: 1000; Hindalco CMP 204 and Lot size: 2000 etc).

Just look at Hindalco. Buying 1 lot means taking an exposure of 4 lacs (as opposed to normal 2 lacs).

If the market lots are not revised timely, the customer is forced to take additional exposure at his own risk.

Could u plz, let me know when does NSE normally revise market lots. Is it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly?