RSI for AmiBroker?

I had been using chartnexus for my charting purposes till yesterday but I wanted to try out Amibroker. So, I downloaded the data using getbhavcopy and started using it.

I was able to download the NSE data since inception but there is a problem. The RSI values is different in chartnexus and Amibroker.

For example, for the end of today (24th July), chartnexus/chartink is showing 14 day RSI for Nifty (the index) as around 61.06 and Amibroker is showing it as 55.10.

Not sure which is the right one.
Not sure about Chart nexus, but I am using AmiBroker for past 7 years!

Value of AmiBroker is correct!
Can you tell the EoD 14 day RSI value for 24th July on your chart?

There should not be so much difference. I have checked the OHLC for the past 14 days but both of them are same. Something must be different in the formulas calculating the RSI?
After some research I have found out that Amibroker uses "Smoothed RSI" by default. Once I changed the RSI to Smoothed RSI in chartnexus both the values are a perfect match.

Now the question, how do I get the "RSI" instead of the "Smoothed RSI" in Amibroker :D