Samvat 2067 : Muhurat Trading : Your Picks?

Pre-open order entry Open Time : 18:00 hrs.
Pre Open order entry Close Time : 18:08 hrs (with random closure in last one minute).
Pre-open order Matching will start immediately after close of pre-open order entry.

Normal Market Open : 18:15 hrs.
Normal Market Close : 19:00 hrs.

Closing Session start : 19:20 hrs.
Closing Session end : 19:30 hrs.

Do post your picks for Muhurat Trading this year.
Book Profit.

Muhurat trading is for booking profit of your holding, not fresh buying! This is what I am doing on all Muhurat days from past few years.

Many will not agree, but no issue.
Hello, I started trading this year only. I don't know anything about Muhurat trading. Is it like regular trading, for only a short time? Do prices move only up, like CIL today, or are there regular fluctuations? Should a beginner like me trade on this day?
So how was Muhurat trading for you?

Deltacorp opened today at 104.50, but I thought its too high so I didn't enter, then it kept going up, so I entered at 110 X 1000, sold at 112, but it still kept going up, and reached a high of 119.70, a Rs. 15.20 increase over its open price. It looked like it could reach UC, which is now 20%, so I entered again at 118 X 1000, but then it fell, and now I am stuck with it. The last few minutes I was looking at the time as the seconds rolled past and the price didn't increase. If the price doesn't go up on Monday, I am going to face heavy problems. It is a much hyped stock and could fall any time. I made a profit today but now there is this tension that I could end up losing my IPO profit.
Hi all,

Recently saw Diwali specials on TV on stocks picking for next year, where find these stocks shortlisted by many of the panelists:

Tata Motors Ltd. - suggested by many - target of 1450 in next one year.

Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Ltd. - suggested by Deven Choksey - target 67.

Alok Industries Ltd.
Welspun Corp.
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd.
Bajaj Auto Ltd.
MphasiS Ltd.

Banking Sector - any one of these

Canara Bank
Central Bank
Oriental Bank of Commerce
UCO Bank
South Indian Bank Ltd.
Axis Bank

Pharma Sector - any one of these:

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

So what is your pick amongst these from investment point of view for next one year?