Posting here after a long time, Anchor investor lock-in period has ended here on April 10, hence we are seeing heavy selling pressure today.
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Stock isnt bad.. Timing is... Plus once people comes out then they will start shopping and using cards.

It's better to add few as EMI for long term.

Just for listing if added already time has lapsed better forget next 6 months for any gain above IPO price.
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When unemployment rises the delinquency rises, as of now it is better to avoid investing in this company.
Actually while this is true, I would say wait for a fair price. I am holding about 80 IPO and immediate after listing shares at 720. Now I'll make an exit if it goes up to IPO price before moratorium ends, but will surely re enter after actual clarity on moratorium ends in August. If the economy recovers then SBI CARDS will surely go above IPO price.

Or I will add more if it goes to below 550 which I think is a fair price with moratorium impact to enter.

As a long term story its a great one and after HDFC BANK they have the best credit card portfolio.

Actually this stands true for HDFC Bank too, which I really like for their cards division.
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